Poking fun at Marketing

It’s pretty common for people (and Dilbert) to poke fun at Marketing.  The jokes typically come in three flavors:

1. Product Marketing and Public Relations often have amusing conversations as we try to describe products in colorful, but believable, ways.

Marketing and PR

2. Marketing sometimes has to use a little artistic license to get people interested in products that engineers make.

Marketing and Engineers

3. And really good Marketing should definitely be an Olympic sport.

Marketing Biathlon

These are good for a laugh but one of the best parts of my current job is that we don’t suffer from these delusions.

3 Responses to Poking fun at Marketing

  1. Anonymous says:

    The danger of not suffering from any marketing delusions is that your marketing becomes dry and boring. The idea is to keep the audience awake — or wake them up — not to put them to sleep.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even Seth Godin agrees with me…


  3. […] } After I poked fun at Marketing earlier this year, several people forwarded me this classic joke about the communication issues […]

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