Other blogs that I recommend reading:

The Decision Factor
James Governor
The Performance Guys
Influential Marketing Blog
The CMO Site
Gary Cokins
Malcolm Ryder
Mike Prosceno
Norman Marks

(If you think your blog belongs here, send me a note)

4 Responses to Blogroll

  1. deepgulf says:


    Great blog! I am linking to your blog from mine at And congratulations on the sale of Pilot!


  2. BIexpert says:

    Jonathan, this is a fantastic blog but doesn’t seem to be directly related to your job. Do you have a work blog?

  3. Jonathan says:

    BIexpert: Thanks for the kind words. You’re right, this is a personal blog about business, culture, and the performance management market. I do have other blogs, including one on the SAP Community Network. You can see the complete list in the righthand navigation pane.

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