About This Blog
The original goal of this blog was to provide information about performance management – the inspiration for the title of this blog, Manage By Walking Around, can be found in my inaugural post.  I’ve shared my own management guidelines and suggested some tips for new managers.

While still strongly linked to performance management, the purpose has broadened into a quest for understanding what makes people tick. Why do we behave the way we do?  How do our actions influence the behavior of others?  How can these lessons inform performance, business, and our lives? I ask these and other related questions in this blog while having some fun along the way.

About Me
Work is completely immersive for me. I like to take time on weekends to go for long hikes. It clears my head and allows me to think more deeply about topics. That’s why you’ll most often find me posting on Sunday. After a little downtime, I come up with new ideas and am inspired by what I’ve read because I’ve had some time to think.

I’m an active participant in social media, a frequent speaker at industry events, and a published author on multiple subjects.  As the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, I strive to drive improved business results, uncover new business opportunities, and guide strategic decisions that help SAP run better.  I joined SAP from its acquisition of Pilot Software where I was President and CEO.

To contact me, send email to Jonathan.Becher at SAP dot Com or follow me on Twitter @jbecher.

9 Responses to About

  1. Tom Redd says:

    Mr. Becher, welcome to SAP. I am from the days of Comshare and EIS and Rick Crandall and “Rick, we should buy Arbor Software, eh?”

    We met many years…I still have my first Balanced Scorecard book!

    Cheers and again, welcom to SAP – a great, team-driven company


    • Lauren says:

      I’m really enjoying reading this blog however, something you said Tom caught my eye. What was your Balanced Scorecard book used for? Reason I ask is my company have just introduced this as a ‘new’ method for recording weekly performance statistics – but reading your response here, it’s obviously not new. I’d love to know more about it.

      Sorry for hijacking your blog Jonathan – I’m loving it. :-))


      • Jonathan says:

        Hi Lauren, lots of my early posts are about the Balanced Scorecard and performance stats. Check them out or send me an email for more info.

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  3. Great insights and well written. I look forward to reading more.

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  6. excellent post – after reading I felt compelled to follow you on twitter Jonathan 🙂

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