Performance Awards

In my inaugural post, I said “The goal of this blog is to comment on the market for product and services that help organizations achieve alignment and highlight specific cases in which organizations have been successful in increasing their performance by getting people on the same page”.  On a recent flight, I took some time to review all of my posts over the last six months and I realized that I haven’t chronicled any performance management successes. In general, I think our industry does a poor job of trumpeting performance management’s value which leads to a perception that it’s a nice-to-have rather than a must-have.

That’s why I was pleased to read Ventana Research’s case study profile of KLA-Tencor, a winner of their Performance Management Leadership Award for 2006.  According to Ventana, KLA was recognized “from moving from measurement only to the management of performance and empowering people at all levels of the organization to initiative corrective action of problems.” Unlike many projects that begin in the CFO’s office or with IT, this performance management deployment was championed by line-of-business personnel in Global Support Services. 

The goal was to replace dueling PowerPoint slides and conflicting reports with a system that consolidates “strategic planning, key initiatives, scorecards, dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting analysis within a clearly defined business context”.   In other words, to align operational processes with business strategy.

Now that sounds like a performance management award winner.

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