How NOT to interpret customer needs

After a week during which I spent a lot of time discussing organizational design, I thought it might be amusing to update a classic comic which describes how different parts of an organization interpret customer needs.

Source of image unknown

Like all humor based on stereotypes, it doesn’t reflect reality but we can’t help but cringe at a small amount of self-recognition.

5 Responses to How NOT to interpret customer needs

  1. Robert E says:

    A sadder reflection is each panel of the cartoon displays the evidences of how each department meets or exceeds KPIs through their solution.

  2. […] How NOT to interpret customer needs dal blog Manage By Walking Around di Jonathan Becher: Come vengono interpretati i requisiti del cliente, un fumetto bellissimo! (traduzione automatica) […]

  3. Anne says:

    That is the best illustration of (too often true) corporate miscommunication I’ve seen! Should be posted prominently in every office.

  4. I was just considering how the practice of mindfulness could improve sales and service. This cartoon is a simple illustration of what happens when you don’t stay in the moment.

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