Wordle for MBWA


I generated the above word cloud using wordle on my ten most popular posts.  For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of word clouds,  the clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.    

While most of the larger words make sense, I’m surprised by the relative size of the word ‘better’ on the left hand side of the image.  Since this blog is often about helping organizations improve, maybe I just need to find some synonyms for the word better.

I am even more suprised by the presence of the word ‘tied’ underneath the very large ‘satisfaction’.  I have no good explanation for that.

Anyone see any other surprising words?

6 Responses to Wordle for MBWA

  1. Jane says:

    I’m surprised that the words ‘attainable’ and ‘aligned’ are so small…

    The words ‘indeed’ and ‘clear’ are conspicuously absent.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Jane. I *say* the word ‘indeed’ a lot but I don’t write it very often. As far as ‘clear’, those posts are not yet in my most popular ones.

  3. Mo Ghanem says:

    I’m looking at it in more organized fashion I guess.

    If you look closely you will see the link. Strategy leads to objectives which lead to Management and Performance which result in stratification. They all in the same size

    Then you have the world time or “on time”, if you will, is much smaller which reflect the fact that the majority of projects are late. Just the case with mine

  4. Joker says:

    Can I request a another word? I use it often, but I struggle on a daily baisis making it ‘real/absolute’ for our customers. Success can be measured when they call us. The word is ‘Value’

  5. Rainer says:

    I’m missing the word execution or is it too small so I can’t find it? Do we just use it in our headlines and forget to execute on our strategy or do we just don’t talk about how to do this?

  6. Jonathan says:

    Rainer, very interesting. I looked at my 10 most popular posts and none of them are about executing strategy. I’m not sure whether that’s because I don’t write about it often enough or whether that’s not what my readers are interested in.

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