Web2.0 workforce performance management?

I’ve been called a Web 2.0 thinker but I sure hope that Geek&Poke’s humorous send-up isn’t what happens to workforce performance management. 


(Thanks for the idea Michaela.)

3 Responses to Web2.0 workforce performance management?

  1. Robert E says:

    Depending on the style of the manager, a blog can offer a less formal way of a boss communicating with employees. It can be more immediate, and less formal, than a newsletter. Since a blog has an archive, it would discipline a manager into sending a consistent messages. If there was a change, it also offers the possibility to laying context for the change. By being able to refer back to previous entries as a starting point for writing about how things have changed, that could be very powerful.
    Good communication is essential to assist leadership and provide motivation. Providing better communication would have to be a guiding objective for the blog writer. Without that as a goal, the blog, (or newsletter, or poster on the shop floor), would be just a substitution, and a poor one, for managing by walking around.

  2. […] Clearly employees shouldn’t be forced to read a manager’s blog but it could give employees a clue as to what the manager thinks is important.   In addition if a manager is spending time writing a blog, they may be leading by example.  Of course,  they may just be trying out an online experiment. […]

  3. Timo Elliott says:

    It can go the other way, too — this is from my blog last march:

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